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Experience car MG HS 2021 at VN

Update the latest mg hs nội thất car prices in Vietnam with promotional news, photos, specifications and MG HS rolling prices in November 2021. MG HS is a product of the long-standing automobile brand MG Motor (UK) and currently managed by China SAIC Motor Corporation. First appearing at the Beijing Auto Show in 2018 in the form of a concept, by 2020 the commercial version of this car will officially launch globally.

After the resounding success in the Thai market (sales surpassed Honda CR-V), MG HS continued to attack the Vietnamese market and officially entered the extremely fierce competition with names like Mazda CX-5, Hyundai Tucson, Honda CR-V, Nissan X-trail.

Despite being quite successful in your country, the price of MG HS cars is also the cheapest in the segment and now has changed from importing China to importing Thailand, but this Chinese-origin model is still not easy to reach Vietnamese customers.

Exterior of MG HS 2021

The appearance of the MG HS is considered beautiful and practical with many outstanding details. First of all, the glossy black mesh radiator cluster has a design that gradually shrinks from the outside to the inside, creating a significant attraction for the viewer.

The design of the headlights on the car is also very eye-catching, especially on the Trophy version, which also uses LED Projecter technology, providing outstanding illumination, especially when it's dark or in bad weather. Accompanied by a strip of LED daytime running lights with dashed lines as a highlight to increase the aesthetics of the front of the car.

The bonnet has embossed edges, the large silver-plated trapezoidal front bumper adds a solid, muscular and powerful look to the CUV.

The highlight of the body is the shiny chrome door trim and the silver-plated 18-inch 5-double-spoke wheels. The rearview mirror has integrated turn signals, the door handles are the same color as the body. The rear of the car features a pair of reflective lights, a balanced circular exhaust cluster, details that are said to be quite similar to current German car models.

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