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Feed not loading

Anyone one else having the same issue the last few days?

I know it's happened before and it was a simple server issue, hopefully someone can bring it to Coomer's attention and get it fixed????

it's been a slow week at work and i'm getting tired of the random bike button taking me to bikes with 1 pic and no parts list...
August 23, 2018 10:22 PM
From: Bizzzerkeley, CA
504 posts
14 bikes
Seemed to happen the same time those random threads from that Gilberto dude were deleted.
August 24, 2018 02:08 AM
From: City of Lost Children
139 posts
7 bikes
RIP Gilberto
August 24, 2018 02:31 AM
From: South of Heaven
1001 posts
3 bikes
Word. I updated my Makino 58cm post and gave the ebay link to buy it. In the marketplace now. Check it, PWebb
August 24, 2018 02:48 AM

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