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Fuji Feather Hubs Same as Formula?

Does anybody know for sure who makes the hubs used on the 2014 Fuji Feathers?

They look a lot like the Formula TH 52s. Curious as I'm planning a new wheel build and trying to decide whether to simply rebuild around the hubs out of the stock Fuji Feather wheels I'm currently running, or upgrade to something like the All-City New Sheriffs.
May 13, 2015 03:39 AM
From: Melbourne, AUS
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I had a track 2.0 and I thought they were formula too, i would upgrade personally
May 13, 2015 08:15 PM
From: East Bay, California
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I can't help with an answer, but if you can afford the upgrade, why not go for it?
May 13, 2015 08:27 PM
From: Toronto
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those new sheriff's are pretty awesome
May 13, 2015 11:01 PM
From: southern california
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Yeah the New Sheriffs do look good!

Just heard back from the AUS Fuji distributor, and while he's not 100% sure, he thought they're most likely unbranded Formulas. Guess I'll have a chat next time I'm in my LBS about $$$. Given I'm also contemplating a mountain bike purchase I may just end up re-lacing the Formulas with a bearing upgrade (Phil or similar).
May 14, 2015 12:12 AM
From: Melbourne, AUS
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