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Healthy living, bicycles vs traffic polution

The riding is also a choice for healthy living, as the bikes are fueled solely by the power of your own muscles not diesel. Bike riding also benefits the environment in significant many ways, now it`s not a surprise that megapolises develop bicycle rent businesses because of environmental protection, its worth promotion essay topics in college. As an example, one of the reason is acid rain.

All rain is acid to some extent - dissolved carbon dioxide in rainwater produces a very carbonic acid. Carbonic acid is no problem to us or the environment, but the sulphuric and nitric acid caused by pollution and carried in rain causes great damage to the environment, to living things and to buildings.
How does Acid Rain get there?

Sulphur is present in coal - if you look at a piece of coal you will often find yellow powdery streaks in it - that is the sulphur. When the coal is burnt the sulphur combines with oxygen to form sulphur dioxide which is oxidised in the atmosphere to sulphur trioxide. When this gas comes into contact with rain, dilute sulphuric acid is formed.

Nitrogen is present in the air (in fact it represents about 79% of dry air) and it is normally a fairly unreactive gas. In the car's internal combustion engine however, the conditions are right for nitrogen and oxygen to combine, forming nitrogen oxides.
As so many different oxides of nitrogen exist, the overall term 'NOx' gases is used. NOx gases dissolve in rainwater to form nitric acid.
What does Acid Rain do?

Acid rain doesn't fall in the area where the pollution takes place, but many miles away where the wind carries the rain clouds. Scandinavia, for instance, suffers from acid rain which is formed in the UK and moves with the prevailing south west wind. Scientists measure acidity with a scale called the pH scale. Basically, a pH of 7 is neutral and the lower the pH the more acidic the condition. Rain with a pH of 1 or 2 is regularly measured over northern Europe. It affects forests, fish, buildings, books and perhaps even humans!
How does Acid Rain affect fish?

Acid rain affects fish in an indirect way; most of the fish affected live in freshwater lakes. The acid itself does not seem to be the problem, rather the substances that the acid dissolves out of rocks, in particular, aluminium. Aluminium oxide in rocks dissolves in the acidic rain and puts aluminium ions into the lakes; these aluminium ions form jelly-like precipitates with other compounds in the water, which literally clog up the gills of fishes and prevent them from breathing. Following a heavy fall of acid rain, fish may die in large numbers, floating to the surface and causing a further pollution problem.
How does Acid Rain affect forests?

Again, aluminium is the culprit. The acid dissolves aluminium ions from the soil. These ions are then taken up by trees, resulting in defoliation and finally the death of the tree. Great areas of forest have suffered in this way and only by comparing forest photographs from the 1920s with those taken today can the true level of the damage be estimated.
How does Acid Rain affect buildings and books?

The effect of acid rain on some of Europe's medieval buildings has been devastating. Many buildings are made of calcium carbonate, either in the form of limestone or marble. When acid comes into contact with calcium carbonate it slowly dissolves it, forming soluble calcium salts and carbon dioxide. Buildings are literally dissolving away! Metals are also slowly dissolved by acid (some metals faster than others) but both steel structures and copper roofing are suffering.
August 2, 2019 08:33 AM
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The smoke from the engine vehicles is not a good one for our health. It creates many issues for our health. The use of a bicycle is the best choice for avoiding this pollution pdf not printing. The bicycles are free from smoke and it is a good exercise for our body.
August 5, 2019 12:20 PM
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Health is very important to humans more helpful hints . This article is very suitable for all kinds of people. Weight gain is a major obstacle of humans in this current life. Cycling is a very good solution for that. Also, it is environment-friendly too. It helps to reduce the rate of environmental pollution.
August 12, 2019 09:50 AM
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