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Tvidler  . At first, I thought there was no difference from the normal ones but a few days later I was able to remove a chunk of an ear wax using this Tvidler which surprised me lot. Without a doubt, this is a must have if you want to get your ears clean, and another thing is this is reusable compared to the cotton swabs which are made of plastic that can only be used once, and that too does not help our environment. …Grace Even though I didn’t receive or hear from you guys about any order confirmation and order number. I’m still pleased I was able to receive with just a few days being delayed compare to what was promised on website, still this Tvidler are great ear cleaners that can really remove those earwax ear on your ears, I wish that you could have given us more silicon replacement so I can … Savannah Tvidler REVIEW: Final Thought I think after reading this Tvidler review, you wisely learned the difference between other wax removal methods and this excellent earwax cleaner.

November 25, 2021 09:38 AM
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