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Information about unknow look seatpost

I search, but find nothing.. Someone have some infos about it seams a titanium look seatpost?
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November 7, 2017 07:11 PM
From: Grenoble
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Assuming you want to buy one and aren't just curious about the model number or something: Even if it's something Look actually made, Look Ti parts are exceedingly hard to find and can be super expensive as a result. There are a bunch of companies who make posts similar to that though so if you've got a good enough imagination you can just take the sticker off and pretend.
November 8, 2017 02:52 AM
From: Salt Lake City
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I will maybe buy the complete bike and i searched on the internet and catalogs to find it.. Nothing. So i'm curious
November 8, 2017 11:54 AM
From: Grenoble
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Page 14, I have the stem (very light by the way!!!), and looking for the seatpost ;)

June 24, 2018 12:38 PM
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