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Jungian Message for Ghost Riding The Whip

2005 Vespa LX150 with spare engine. Odometer reads 20k or so (I need to check the exact mileage)BUT the original engine was pulled and stored on a shelf with only 5800 miles on it (that engine is included). Why you ask? I had found a salvage engine with only 123 miles on it and it made sense to me at the time to preserve the original engine and kit the snot out of the salvage engine(in case that endeavor went to hell). Great news! My kitted 190cc engine has over 14k on it and hasn't as much as hiccuped. Just runs and runs and runs. Keeps up with my wifes 300cc Vespa pretty good(let's just say I'm usually the one waiting for her at the next stop). Tons of modifications, but nothing that makes it any less reliable, just faster, stronger and way more fun. There's a few rock chips and minor scratches, but nothing you'd notice from 10 feet, shows fairly well. The title is clean and current though it reflects the original engine numbers(did I mention the original engine is included as well as the kitted engine currently in the scooter?) I can sit down with you and show you all the maintenance records and dates, I keep a notebook, but the main consumables(tires, drive belt, drive pulley assembly) all recently replaced. Off the top of my head here are some of the things that have been done to improve the scooter:
-Malossi 190cc cylinder kit
-SOHO Hot Cam (By Web Cams)
-CV carb and airbox tuning for better throttle response
-Polini final drive gear kit for taller gearing
-Dr. Pulley sliders for tuning the CVT
-Kick start lever deleted (they were useless and tended to break the CVT cover if used)
-CVT cover powder coated and carbon fiber trim cover
-Custom finished rims(I'll include two sets at this price)
-Clauss Studios Urethane engine mounts(huge improvement over the wallowey rubber ones)
-Bitubo front shock
-Euro Turn signal kit
-Stebil Nautilus air horn (139db!)
-Ballistic lithium battery(maybe 1 lb compared to the 7 lb original, Improves handling noticeably!)
-Pirate Seats custom low profile seat
-ET4 rear rack
-Side stand
-Other stuff I'm not recalling at the moment.
This has been a great scooter. Numerous 3 and 4 day trips up to Guerneville area via back roads and HWY1 with no problems. Fast enough to be comfortable on the freeway but really shines out on the twisty back roads. Small and easily maneuverable with power about half way between the stock version and the 300cc Vespa(but a good 100 lbs lighter)
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September 11, 2019 02:30 AM
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