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Lunch time vision

I sat upon the table, and then suddenly before me were two snails.
And I saw the rare spectacle, that being the way the snail race replicates itself whilst upon this terraqueous globe we call Terra Firma.
The following is what mine eyesight beheld.
The male's phallus protrudes from his right abdomen, it looks like a translucent thread, and it is about two and half times the length of himself entire.
Now he takes a burthen of his very own excrement, and therein he lodges the tip of his phallus and then pulls the load behind him like Achilles did Hector.
With the burthen of bodily waste in tow he then sets his sight upon the larger snail before him, that being his chosen and most special one, his Eve and apple of his eye.
She by this time has hidden deep within her shell and from all sides causes a terrible suction that begins to cause a foam of fluids to pool round her.
The male crawls right over her and then circles round and makes sure the excrement touches and gets itself all over her.
He does this until she cannot stand it any longer and keels over, exposing her womb.
At which time the male dislodges his penis from the burthen and pounces upon his prize.
It is my understanding that during this phenomenon, the snails are in fact in a certain space wherein is heard diffused in the air Toots and Maytal's "Louie louie"
July 12, 2020 04:12 AM
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