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Newbie with bike on the way

Hey. Just stumbled across this site and seems legit.
I am an ex-BMXer (still have one, but not as into it as I was), just got a good deal on a Vilano on eBay. I figured it would be fun to get back into riding even if just back and forth to the gym to replace the monotonous cardio on the stationary bike.
Anyway, had a few ideas on it but nothing solid until I get it in my garage.
I just really plan in riding it for a few weeks until urge hits me to tear it apart. I do have plans for DIY paint to make it more personalized and a few other things.

I used to build BMX bikes and I am also a former custom motorcycle builder. I have a good idea of what's I am doing, but pointers from the guys doing it daily would be nice too.

I'll be riding mostly in the evenings, any ideas for lights? Also looking for a decent onboard computer set up as well.

Any help/pointers/info would be cool.

October 27, 2015 05:58 AM
After looking around here a little more, seems I maybe out of place. Looks like all the bikes, parts and accessories are going for about as much as my eBay find
October 27, 2015 02:34 PM
Welcome to PedalRoom!

Don't be intimidated by all the top-notch bikes on here. I'm sure half of us come here just to drool over them with envy.

If you do have questions or inquiries, there is a real helpful/knowledgeable crowd here. But be warned, if you don't search for your topic in past forums and create a new thread on a topic discussed to death, you WILL be harassed about it. For some reason, this seems to happen on almost every forum out there.

As for lights, I'm a big fan of Planet Bike's Superflash taillight. For a headlight, I'm cheap and use a CREE LED light from China. Super bright and inexpensive, but not as durable/convenient (external battery) as the top line options. Check out your local bike shop and ask what they'd recommend for your area. I ride a lot of dark trails and roads, so a bright light is necessary for me. If you're just commuting on lighted city streets, something less powerful might be more ideal.

Enjoy your new bike!
October 27, 2015 05:22 PM
From: Stevens Point, WI
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Cygolite Metro 550 front, Cygolite Hotshot rear.
October 27, 2015 07:43 PM
From: SF Bay Area, CA
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Thanks! I am already frame shopping for the next one. Lol
October 27, 2015 10:44 PM
It's easy to get overwhelmed with all the custom bikes up in this piece. I'm always looking at different forums for ideas and info but I almost always start here. The marketplace here has been good to me: there are some great deals to be found. Flipping bikes can be a fun and easyish way to fund/supplement upgrades and current/future projects. The more space you have the better.
October 28, 2015 04:05 AM
So it came in. And I rode it for all of about 10 minutes. From there I tore it apart to start digging in to the paint. Here's pics.
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November 6, 2015 02:18 PM
And done...[img]/f/e58c977a0f_1.jpg[/img][img]/f/e58c977a0f_2.jpg[/img]
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November 12, 2015 02:22 PM
Should probably throw a brake on there.
November 13, 2015 06:58 AM
From: Seaddle
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Paint not go over so well??
November 13, 2015 06:44 PM
From: Los Angeles, CA
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I added a brake to it and the paint was supposed to turn out like that. I wasn't a fan of the flat black paint that showed up on the bike. I decided I was going to "patina" the paint to make it look more aged and less desirable to would be thieves. Plus I am old gear head, ex-custom motorcycle builder and have always had a fascination with the old metal. I figured since this wasn't a numbers matching 68 Camaro, restored knucklehead or even a refurbished CB700 that I would just play with a few cans of Krylon to see what I could do.

I dig it
November 16, 2015 01:23 AM
Paint is pretty neat. Although I thought you were going for a zombie type color way at first! haha

yeah, and maybe some better pedals with clips and straps would be a wonderful next upgrade for you.
November 24, 2015 02:23 AM
From: Texarkana/Arkadelphia, AR
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I decided to try a frame up build... Well kinda. I found an old Schwinn Varsity and been keeping my eyes peeled for parts here and there.

Next build:

November 28, 2015 01:12 AM
You're going to need an adapter for that bottom bracket.

November 30, 2015 04:49 AM
From: Seaddle
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I appreciate it Jehu. There is one already installed. I'm gonna have to pull it before I paint it. But at this rate I'm going, I might just leave the paint as is and get it together to ride. My other one is fun, but for some reason I can't wait to get this one together. A few more parts and I'll be good.
December 1, 2015 06:51 PM
That bike is going to weigh 30 lbs.
December 2, 2015 01:51 AM
From: South of Heaven
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I'm not too concerned with weight. There aren't any hills in Phoenix and I'll be riding back and forth to the gym for cardio anyway. I also have the other one shown above that's pretty light if I happen to need a light ride. I'm more of a fan of the nostalgic anyway.
December 2, 2015 04:43 PM
Try to make it as heavy as possible. I've heard of Varsities that pushed 40.
December 3, 2015 05:25 AM
From: Seaddle
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Why would I want to make it heavier? For stopping power?
December 9, 2015 03:24 AM
omg this is cancer
December 9, 2015 04:08 AM
From: Portland, Oregon
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you've obviously never had cancer
December 9, 2015 06:24 AM
From: Bizzzerkeley, CA
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Hey Deluxe, you have something productive to add? Or would you rather waste all of our time being a keyboard cowboy? Is there a problem with pulling a bike from its death and repurposing it to get it back on the road? Is there an issue with not sticker bombing a cheap as bike or is the problem not spending a thousand plus on a build?

Your mother should have swallowed you.

Spoken from a cancer survivor.
December 9, 2015 01:31 PM
Whoa. Did not see that one coming. Go Remi!
December 9, 2015 03:35 PM

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