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Phil Wood Track hubs

Are they worth it? Pros cons?
March 5, 2018 06:54 PM
From: Chicago
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If you have to ask then they are probably not worth it to you. Phil vs Formula hubs is the same as Acura vs Honda cars, accept that you can sit in and drive an Acura and understand why it cost more. If rims/spokes/builder is the same, you are never gonna ride your bike with Phil hubs and feel why they cost more than Formula hubs.

All that being said, I've multiple wheelsets with Phil hubs and will probably own more in the future. I work 40+ hours a week to live in this god damn world and splurging on nice hubs for my fixie-whip is worth it to me.

Also cause you asked:
Pros: USA Made, Bombproof, & they retain value on the 2nd hand market (especially if you buy them used in the first place which I'd recommend) I also think they look great, but that is only my opinion.
Cons: heavy & expensive if bought new
March 5, 2018 10:43 PM
From: Bizzzerkeley, CA
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If they make you feel baller and like you're riding on a chariot of the gods of a whip, sure.

If you want real cost/benefit analysis, no. They're not worth it. Like beastmode above me said, you won't feel any difference from a set of Formulas
March 5, 2018 11:44 PM
From: City of Lost Children
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I feel a small difference in smoothness riding my Phil hubs, but I bought them for durability, and because I wanted Allen bolts instead of wheel nuts. I could have done with many other hubsets, but got my wheelset for a steal.

Major advantages are that Phil stuff is built super tough, backed by a lifetime warranty and made in te US. And if ever you want to sell, it maintains its value pretty well.
March 13, 2018 04:08 AM
On my second pair, bought the matching bb two times. Iso purple anniversary splatter hubs
March 13, 2018 07:39 AM
From: 210 TEXAS
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does warranty apply to original buyer only?
March 14, 2018 12:23 PM
From: New York , NY
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Yes, warranty applies to original buyer, because they may ask you for receipt or proof of purchase.
At the same time a lot depends on the manufacturer. I have sent multiple Chris king headsets for refurbishment and they never charged me or asked for any proof of purchase.
March 14, 2018 06:30 PM
From: New York
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March 15, 2018 02:37 AM
From: Minnesota
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i believe the important difference is their ability to be rebuilt many times, where as the formula flange would probably fail after fewer rim lifecycles.
March 30, 2018 04:53 AM
From: Boston
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Hi folks, I have a question. Do you know any bike manufactor that put VIN on their bikes? I mean something like that https://www.faxvin.com/vin-decoder/polaris but for bikes. It would be nice to check some information if I'm gonna buy used.
January 14, 2019 10:42 AM
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Nope. Literally not a thing in this industry. There's a serial number, maybe? No central database like VIN.
January 15, 2019 06:58 PM
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