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Road bars

So ive been riding with track drops on the road for some time now and have realized that they really arent cutting it for me in the comfort department, so ive been thinking of trying some road bars. Only thing is that i dont really like that bend that some of them have in the drop section. Since my hands are somewhat small, would compact bars be a better choice? Any suggestions on what bars to get or what i should look for? Thanks.
March 2, 2013 03:59 AM
From: Venice, CA
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3t ergonova
super comfy
March 2, 2013 04:01 AM
From: Long Beach
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fsa wingpro or omega compact
March 2, 2013 04:07 AM
i really like the pro vibe 7s round bars
March 2, 2013 06:41 AM
From: San Francisco
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All good options. Deda Zero 100 RHM 01 or 02 are pretty good. No majoy bends and lots of room to move around in.
March 2, 2013 09:37 AM
From: Las Vegas, NV
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I've tried the Deda RHM01, FSA Wing Pro, and the 3T Ergonova. I would have to go with the 3T
March 2, 2013 04:17 PM
From: Chicago, IL
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Do you mind explaining why? I can't make my decision between FSA wing pro or 3T ergonova... Are 3T's drops wider than the top section to avoid forearms contacts during sprints? Thanks!
March 2, 2013 09:16 PM
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i think compact drops would be an excellent choice.. i did track drops on the road for awhile too and they really didn't cut it.

I went with FSA pro compact bars and hoods and never looked back... so many comfy hand positions and the drops aren't nearly as aggressive.. they would probably look great on your Pake as well..
March 2, 2013 10:27 PM
From: Cincinnati, OH
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3T's are wider in the drops, and I believe the FSA's are too
March 3, 2013 04:37 AM
From: Los Angeles, CA
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+1 on the Pro Vibe 7s round for me. I've gone through quite a few different drops and always come back to them. The tops are especially comfy with them being 31.8 to the bend.
March 5, 2013 04:44 AM
From: California
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I agree with the 3T Ergonovas. Since your using the bars on the road, the top of the bars are flat rather than round making your hand position comfortable. As for the drops, they are wider than the top but only by less than 2cm. Your hand size doesn't matter when choosing between compact or a classic bend. That depends on your reach and drop preference.
March 5, 2013 10:20 AM
From: Los Angeles, CA
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I used to have the Ergonova's and they were quite comfy, but I don't find them very aesthetically pleasing (that wasn't the only reason I got rid of them). Overall, they just weren't for me, but I've talked to many others that love them.
March 7, 2013 01:39 AM
From: California
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Ritchey Evo Curve. The tops are round and have a slight rearward bend. It's this slight bend that makes them *way* more comfortable than most flat-topped bars IMHO.
March 7, 2013 07:41 PM
really really really liken my ritchey logic curve (carbon) but i am guessing the non carbon would feel just as good in terms of shape....

i also like ea70s
March 9, 2013 03:05 AM
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Just started using FSA wing pros and love them
March 9, 2013 03:34 AM
From: San Mateo (SF Bay Area)
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Hay guys.. How do u think about my bars. ?
March 22, 2013 12:27 PM
Hay guys.. How do u think about my bars. ?
March 22, 2013 12:27 PM

Personally I like 3T Ergonovas witha negative stem since they don't have much drop.
March 22, 2013 02:20 PM
From: 420 Upinya Ave.
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Just started using Ergonovas and the shallow drop and flat top are amazing. With good bar tape, their comfort is beyond belief.
March 22, 2013 05:14 PM
From: CA, Irvine (previously SJ)
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