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Road frame with no derailleur hanger

Hey guys! I’m absolutely new in the world of geared road bikes and have very little understanding and knowledge when it comes to this realm. I recently acquired this unique steel frame with beautiful gussets all around and couldn’t pass up on it. I don’t have too much info on it but then I later realized that the dropouts didn’t have no derailleur hanger, I was told I can get claws for it And make it an 8 speed or just go SS but I can’t tell what it’s intended use. Single speed, maybe? I know a lot of you guys are well educated in this realm and I do need professional advice to go the proper direction with this project. I never seen a roadie with no DH. Any insights or advices I would really really appreciate it since I want to start building this baby up!
-What groupsets would or parts should I start sourcing from?
-What should I go for? Single speed or geared?
Any advice at this point would help, thank you!
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October 4, 2018 03:12 AM
From: Silverlake, Los Angeles
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What’s the best way to build this up nicely?
October 4, 2018 03:13 AM
From: Silverlake, Los Angeles
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Someone shaved the hanger off! I bet Problem Solvers has a universal hanger if you wanna go geared
October 5, 2018 05:41 PM
Yup. It's more of a 'temporary-solution-to-get-you-home-type-doodad' though.

October 5, 2018 07:22 PM
From: South of Heaven
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