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Slapstick encoded message for GhostRTW

I chose work that represented a variety of two and three dimensional work, fiber and paper.
Subtle images, line, color and design, texture, mystery, surprise, movement and uniqueness were words that came to mind as I made my selections.
My wish for you who have submitted work is to create as often as you can, enter your work to many shows, and try to submit your very best work that follows the theme of the exhibit when entering a show.
Huge congratulations to those who received awards. Those pieces truly resonated with me.
Thank you for the honor of jurying your work and I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible
February 10, 2019 12:06 AM
From: Southern Coastal California
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4 bikes
My main dilemma is whether or not there are different geometries for the head-tube and seat tube, obviously a frame that is tight seems to be extremely quick--turns, sprints, etc.
But my Eddy Merckx Super Corsa is not tight: it seems that the top-tube is almost even pointing skyward whereas a sexier bike the top-tube is just below parallel and sloping downward.
For when it slopes downward then one can run a nitto quill stem that is like a volcano sharply pointing skyward and then this angle of the stem aligns with the down-slope of the bar, and the bar's downslope is an extension of the quill's, and there seems to be no better way to run it.
My poor Merckx looks like a dinosaur because A-the top-tube slopes very slightly upward, and B-because of the top-tube a jagged jaguar quill or some other with a fifty-eight degree angle looks out of place.
And remember, it is a 64, it is gigantic, and so to make a quill fit is also to run something large to simply fit the frame--at least a 100mm.
So what's the deal on this and how is it possible that someone would not ride a sexy bike?
I mean, why would anyone ride a fixed gear that is not a vintage track frame?
I commute on my Merckx on a flat surface but still, the wind is a demon and I have to sort of swim through it--an exercise that is impossible on anything else.
If I am riding a classic bike (I felt this also with a classic motorcycle), am I allowed to commute on it? Or do I have to go carbon?
February 10, 2019 02:50 AM
I'm nocturnal now, I ride the hill in my neighborhood when the graces are on my side; I have decided that every day I will go to the monkey bars and do twenty torso exercise to deal with the ulcer forming in my stomach (owls and hawks began throwing intestines at me to tell me my stomach is becoming a problem)
February 10, 2019 12:01 PM
From: Southern Coastal California
152 posts
4 bikes
I just don't know anymore. What can a person have faith in nowadays? We have been undermined in all our endeavours. I, I feel so wearisome, I can barely leave my house now without starting in fear at every shadow.

I, I don't even know if I am real anymore, I, I, I feel so, so, I just, I just want something I think, but, but what, I--please, this is hard, I am beginning to sniffle--I just want peace of mind, but, the others, I, they, they are everywhere!

Others are everywhere!
February 10, 2019 05:46 PM
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