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some radiation tools

hello there.Friends where I can find some radiation equipments like geiger counter?
November 1, 2020 06:44 AM
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November 2, 2020 07:52 AM
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I suggest to check some special radiation equipment on https://ecotestgroup.com/products/cadmium/ which is high-sensitivity device intended to detect and localize radioactive and nuclear materials by their external gamma and neutron radiation
November 2, 2020 07:57 AM
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Hello. I bought my EMF meter from the Amazon website. You can also buy it from any online or offline electronics store. I wanted to check the radiation level in my area. I was surprised by the result and decided to purchase EMF protection. My father recommended me Shungite - https://shungite-c60.com/ , a miraculous stone with EMF Radiation Protection.
December 22, 2020 09:50 AM
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