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Strengthen the Bond for not printing your Toshiba printer

If I had a quarter for every hour I've wasted troubleshooting something that wasn't plugged in, I'd be halfway to buying a Snickers bar. Check that the USB cable is snugly plugged in at both ends and that the power cable is hooked into the wall. You never know when someone unplugged it to charge their phone and forgot to notify you.

If you're having trouble printing via Wi-Fi, try connecting your computer through USB. If that works, you know there is a problem with the Wi-Fi connection and may direct your efforts there.

Is your printer receiving a strong enough signal? Check to see if the printer appears in your router's network list, or move the printer closer to the router to see if it's simply out of range. My father-in-law's won't operate unless all of the upstairs doors are open, as they obstruct the already-weak Wi-Fi signal.
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