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Superb Sprint vs Colossi Low Pro vs Cinelli Mash?


Which of these frames should I buy? And why?
Price isn't too big of an issue since they're all pretty similar in price.
Sorry but I'm too indecisive to choose for myself.
October 19, 2012 05:14 AM
OMG already...there's like 10 of these threads. Asking this question is like asking what you should wear every morning. But, and this is for every future poster of this very same question, THIS is the bike I would recommend based on what information you've given us about yourself and what you want the bike for:


Yes, that's my current ride. No, I will not sell it to you.
October 19, 2012 05:44 AM
From: San Francisco, CA
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Sell it to me.
Name a price. I can fulfill it.
October 19, 2012 05:49 AM
dammit. wheres the "like" button.

it is getting quite annoying with all these threads. they're all the same underneath the paint and decals. its down to brand thats it. this bike im assuming will be city ridden... so you wont even notice a damn difference
October 19, 2012 10:37 AM
From: Ottawa, ON Canada
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Grab a dart put the pics on the wall close your eyes and throw it.

Whichever it lands closer to is your frame:)
October 19, 2012 12:24 PM
From: toronto
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I'm all for open discussions and opinions, but seriously, this subject pops up way too much. it's to the point that I have nothing left to say. everything is becoming repetitive on here. MustangWolf is right. just take an extra moment to search the threads before asking. there's already a ton of these already.
October 19, 2012 04:50 PM
From: San Francisco, CA
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He has asked this in every single bike forum site and none of the threads have serious answers. Seriously cmon Akang almost all your threads could be answered with research.
October 19, 2012 05:15 PM
From: New York City
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HAHA! I love you guys. You guys really give people an ass whopping. I'll help him, then he'll ask the same question elsewhere. Apparently you want a LOW bike, but the wait is too long so you op'ed for a Colossi Low Pro (Don't sell yourself short)., Mash Bolt nice bike, once you post it'll just be 'another Mash' like everyone else says about it., The Sprint in my opinion has the best geo out of the others. Very relaxed and you won't have to break your neck looking for a damn Cannon Track. $750 shipped isn't a bad deal at all. All in all, get what ever the fuck you want. Cause honestly, no one really cares, as long as it gets ridden.
October 19, 2012 05:35 PM
From: Clinton Hills, Brooklyn
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agree with bklynlow. the superb is the best one out of all three. get it with the undrilled fork for that sexy clearance
October 19, 2012 05:38 PM
From: Tejas
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what i fking said in the other thread he started. ugh.
October 19, 2012 05:54 PM
From: Ottawa, ON Canada
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October 19, 2012 07:25 PM
From: Los Angeles, CA
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Only prob though is that the superb is 6061 alu
October 21, 2012 12:17 AM
From: CA, Irvine (previously SJ)
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