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Tilt and Turn Windows

According to the purpose of PVC Windows are divided into: energy-Saving-the inner side of the double-glazed window is covered with silver ions that reflect infrared and long-wave radiation.
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The air chambers are filled with an inert argon gas, which protects the silver coating from oxidation and contributes to better thermal insulation.
Energy-saving Windows allow you to save on heating; sound-Proofing Windows are usually double-glazed Windows, the outer glass, in contrast to the inner, have a large thickness, and the air chamber is filled with argon;
Tinted – the easiest way to tinting involves applying a special film on the double-glazed window. Tinting is used for decorative purposes, and also protects the room from UV light, increases the strength of the glass and makes it safer in case of destruction;
shock-Resistant-usually such structures are installed in stores, warehouses, offices, in places where valuables are stored. To impact-resistant Windows are laminated glass and tempered glass. Triplex-this is connected with a special film or resin glass, if the integrity of the double-glazed window fragments remain glued. To achieve this result, the glass is subjected to temperature treatment;
self-Cleaning-such structures should be installed on high-rise buildings and shop Windows. The principle of self-cleaning is that the garbage does not stick to surfaces thanks to the thinnest film made of titanium oxide, and is washed away by rain without traces of drops and stains.
June 16, 2020 10:41 AM
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