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Truvativ Omnium on Leader 721 fit?

Hi guys, I'm relatively new to these forums so please help me out here. Getting to the point, I've decided on a Leader 721TR (the new one without the odd dropout issues and geometry flaws). I am thinking of getting a Truvativ Omnium crankset. Has anyone had any experience with the Omniums? I've heard that they're plenty stiff and well performing for the price. Which brings me to the question, I've also read that Omnium cranksets have clearance issues with some frames' chain stays. Does the 721 frame have this issues? If there are any, are there any solution that do not involve buying another frame or sawing off the chain stays?
Thanks in advance.
September 14, 2012 03:23 PM
From: Jakarta
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According to Leader's website the Leader 721TR frame is "Now fully compatible with SRAM Omniums, Sugino 75 and Other Name Brand Crank sets." I think that means you're good.
September 14, 2012 11:24 PM
From: Bay Area, CA
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Phew thanks andper. I didn't notice that.
September 15, 2012 02:04 AM
From: Jakarta
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If not all you gotta do is add some spacers!
September 22, 2012 03:09 PM
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