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What made you into fixed gear bikes?

I walked by a store and saw all these cool, colorful and sleek bikes.
May 18, 2015 02:06 AM
hypebeast.com duh
May 18, 2015 03:46 AM
From: San Diego, CA
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Friend was building me a single speed bike. Rear brake didn't fit. Went fixed. The rest is history.
May 18, 2015 04:19 AM
From: Toronto
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Skateboarders in SF turned messengers in the late 1990s. The homies
May 18, 2015 03:28 PM
From: Brooklyn, NY
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My dad came home with a Giant Bowery when I was 13, around the time I was falling in love with cycling. I thought it was the coolest bike I'd ever seen so I rode it up and down my road and within 100 yards fell in love with it.
May 18, 2015 03:36 PM
From: Dublin, Ireland
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not really sure, always rode from a really young age with my dad and then picked up bmx, then skateboarding for a long time and once i rode a fixed gear i guess i got the same effect that skateboarding gave me. haven't been riding fixed much lately but it is definitely where i renewed my passion for cycling.
May 18, 2015 04:33 PM
From: southern california
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Bought a single speed when i grew out of my last target bike, then one of my older friends let me ride around on his mostly NJS wabi classic and I got a new back wheel for christmas when I was 14.
May 18, 2015 06:01 PM
From: East Bay, California
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I got into fixed gear bikes so I could read dozens of threads about whether or not EAI cogs are compatible with Phil Wood hubs on the internet.
May 18, 2015 06:05 PM
From: South of Heaven
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While my road bike was in the shop for a broken fd spring i borrowed my neighbors fixie for a couple days and fell in love
May 18, 2015 07:15 PM
From: Pensacola,Fl.
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I was at a friends house. One of my friends was watching fixation in the other room. They were very much into fixed gears so I became curious to know what was so special about them. After watching it I was hooked, I really wanted to get one of my own. A week later that same friend let me ride their bike around. They taught me how to track stand and skid, it was unlike any bike I had ridden before. It felt awesome. Then a month later I bought a Purefix.
May 18, 2015 11:24 PM
From: Portland, Oregon.
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Okay, this is not exactly specifically about fixed gears, sometimes way ot, and a long story that I could make shorter but w/e. If you don't wanna read it, don't read it. When I was growing up my dad was big into freestyle bmx, bmx racing, road cycling, and fixed gears. He started a courier business in the late 90s with some friends before my mom and I met him when I was 4. After a few years they gave up because the growing availability of internet caused the law firms to opt for email, killing demand for paper messengers in towns as small as Bozeman. Probably around age 7 I wanted to sign up for bmx racing cause he and my uncle were doing it, so he got me all the gear, and he got me a sweet ass 2001 gt mini race bike. That's where it all started I raced ABA events at our local track for three or so seasons, I lost interest because I devoted all my time to skateboarding, but I still loved riding my bikes. I was then given my dads Eastern freestyle bmx bike which I rode all over from about 6th grade to freshman year of highschool. It got stolen at school because I forgot my bike lock key one day. Shame cause it was a limited run of just a few hundred unpainted steel frames that looked awesome. I started riding my moms Free Agent 24" cruiser for a while, and then got my own 60's Schwinn Typhoon beach cruiser. That thing is fucking sweet and is still in the shed at my parents house, but it's far too small for me to ride anymore :( In summer 2012, right after graduating high school I bought my Schwinn Super Le Tour for $60 at goodwill and started fixing it up. That's when I really started to get the cycling bug heavy. I began commuting to work on it regularly, and going for short recreational road rides on weekends (at the time I thought the ten miles I was riding was far). I was talking to my dad about his past with cycling a lot at the time, asking advice and hearing stories, and fixed gears happened to come up. I was intrigued and asked him a lot of questions then decided to build one. Did a bunch of research, built a Pake Rum Runner, and fell in love with riding fixed the moment I got it on the road. Rode nothing but fixed gears for a bit less than a year, slapped cx tires on the bike and ski gear on myself to get through our dead cold snowy winter. I just couldn't stop. I finally opened up to different types of cycling and sold my Jeep for a 29er, bc it was the middle of winter and I was still opting for my bike on work commutes. Since there's no way to practically convert a track bike to function well on or winter roads, I went for a mountain bike. A track frame can't fit wide enough tires for a foot of fresh snow. On our ice and hardpack you can't fit tires with aggressive enough tread and can't get your center of gravity low enough to hold grip. Haven't owned a car for about a year and a half and the only reason I want one is for road trips. I have a variety of bikes to get me through any season, why would I want to commute by car? Where's the fun in that? Fixed gear, road, or SS porteur commute for 6 warm months, MTB commute for 6 snowy months. It's great.
May 19, 2015 04:08 AM
From: Chicago, IL, United States
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I wanted to read all about Scrod reading threads about whether or not EAI cogs are compatible with Phil Wood hubs on the internet.
May 20, 2015 02:10 AM
From: SF Bay Area, CA
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I went to school with a couple of guys that rode to school on track bikes and I thought that was the coolest shit. Finally got a bike of my own the following summer and it was... pretty fixie. But I've learned a lot since then.
May 20, 2015 05:10 AM
From: Portland, Oregon
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needed a cheap bike for getting around when i moved to tahoe after college. a few friends had ridden Kilo TT's in college and liked them well enough, so i got one for myself.

4 years and a few frames later and i'm still riding my fixed gear every day. slowly trying bikes with gears and stuff too.
May 20, 2015 05:29 PM
From: Bizzzerkeley, CA
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I hate walking.
May 20, 2015 06:55 PM
From: SF Bay Area, CA
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12 bikes
Walking and public transportation sucks anus.
May 20, 2015 08:54 PM
From: Las Vegas, NV
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I rode my friend's fixed gear in the winter time to go get some shit from my house. Keep in mind we're talking about a Minnesota winter, and well I didn't like his bike. It was sketchy riding it that first time. But then spring came, I got into cycling more, and saw him do some cool shit on his bike. So I built a conversion, year and a half later my 721, then two years later I'm on my GTB.
May 20, 2015 11:50 PM
From: Minnesota
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My work bought me a bike, and I was allowed to go to the shop to pick one out. When I got there I asked the mechanic what kind of bike he rode and he pointed to a bike with no gears and no brakes. I asked to ride it around the block to see what fixed gear felt like and I fell in love.
May 21, 2015 12:45 AM
From: San Francisco
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macaframa bruh ... duh
May 21, 2015 04:23 AM
i sucked at skateboarding and i also wanted to find something to get me into losing weight. almost 5 years later and i'm improved my conditioning, knowledge, and speed.
May 21, 2015 03:09 PM
From: Tejas
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ladies. ladies love the fixed gear
May 21, 2015 03:24 PM
From: Ottawa, ON Canada
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Needed a way to get around after high school other than taking city buses. My friend was in the same boat and started working on a really cheap conversion to commute to and from school. He was so jazzed on his project that I decided to get a fixed gear too. That was back in 2010. Been down ever since.
June 2, 2015 12:25 AM
From: Bay Area, CA
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Moose said it would make me cool
June 2, 2015 02:01 AM
From: San Diego
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I'm a skateboarder, and I have some friends that skated but also rode track bikes, so eventually I got into em too, and now I'm going on one year.
July 16, 2015 09:03 AM
An impromptu trip to the grocery store on a buddie's ride. Absolutely terrifying. I was hooked.
July 16, 2015 06:05 PM

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