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FS: 2013 low pursuit

February 28, 2018 11:55 PM
No parts included 2013 pursuit low frame stamped 54cm dented by previous owner for crank clearance but frame is straight all around after taking it to bike shop according to park frame alignment guages at the shop no signs of cracks been riding it since I got it lie that wich was January 2017 tt is 54ctc and st is 58cm center to top frame rides really good skidded the f out of it no probs also the previous owner trimmed the seat tube a little by asking $700 shipped bare frame only parts not included
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March 1, 2018 11:09 AM
Shipping in France is possible ?
March 1, 2018 11:18 AM
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March 1, 2018 02:46 PM
March 1, 2018 06:15 PM
Disclaimer from the last owner: Both seat tube trim and chainstay "dimple" were definitely done by this user. Nice try though!
March 1, 2018 06:42 PM
^^ I can second that.
From: Portland, Oregon
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March 1, 2018 07:43 PM
how tf does this dude ruin every bike he touches
March 2, 2018 01:29 AM
From: Oakland, CA
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March 2, 2018 03:38 AM
I can almost guarantee you that that rear triangle isn't aligned anymore. And you dented and creased aluminum. This frame is trashed. Caveat emptor.
April 18, 2018 09:57 AM
yeah it bent a little and I got it bent back at the bike shop and I’m still riding it now
May 15, 2018 02:46 PM
You can't just bend aluminium back and forth lol, this frame is done.
May 16, 2018 08:33 PM
Would you part out the chainring?
From: Los Angeles
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