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FS: Aventon Diamond Complete Bike (+ also selling parts)

Frame : Aventon Diamond White/Mint 49 size $200

Crankset : Omnium Crank + Sugino Zen Fuji 111 Anniversary 49T (Red color) + Amond Chain $220

Handlebar, Stem : Zip Service Course Handlebar + Stem $70

Brake Set : Shimano 105 brake + Diatech Gold Finger $50

Saddle : Fizik Arione $30

Paddle : MKS Urban Platform + single toeclip $20

Wheelset : front - Unknown wheel (unknown is the name of the brand) rear - just joytech hub wheel (the tire is Schwalbe Tire clincher) - Free if you buy complete bike

= $590 total

I set up this bike Nov last year, and I have just rode around 150 miles.
Sugino Zen Fuji 111 Anniversry Edition is the red limited edition.
There is a scratch on the handlebar inside the bartape, but it does not matter at all because it is wrapped by bartape.
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August 17, 2017 03:40 AM
I'll buy the crankset.
August 17, 2017 06:46 AM

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