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FS: basso gap pista complete

July 3, 2014 10:50 PM
Alright, so I'm having a hard time selling the frame alone so I thought I'd build them up in two ways to appeal to more people.

Frame: Basso Gap pista 55c-c st and 53c-c tt, columbus sl tubing, cinelli sloping track fork crown with 22.2 mm round fork blades. True track geometry, a classic example of italian craftsmanship

First build:
-Campy 151bcd track cranks 170mm with extra thick campy 49t or 53t track ring
-Cinelli 1E stem 90mm and 3t pista track drops
-Campy aero post
-Campy track hubs and 16t campy cog and lockring(high flange rear, low flange front) laced to nisi (pista?) tubular rims with servizio corse tires. The tires have plenty of life left in them, these wheels are quite light, aiding in my belief these are nidi pista rims, plus they have divots in between spoke holes. Spokes are tied and soldered 36h. Missing 1 front axle nut.
Tange NJS headset

Build two:
-Suntour Superbe converted road cranks, the tapers are great, but the owner before me took a screwdriver to the back sides to take the cranks off. This doesn't effect the integrity and you can't see it when they are on.
-Nitto Technomic 90mm quill stem and nitro b123aa track drops, no bar wrap
-Nitto jaguar seat post, nice condition, some scratching on the first 40mm or so
-Suntour superb track hubs laced to 32h tb14's, radial front 3x rear. EAI 16t track cog, no tires
Tange NJS headset

Both build do not include the saddle, chain, or pedals.

Looking to get $1100 for the campy build, or $1000 for the sun tour build. I also have a few other permutations if anyone is interested, or even mix and match.

More photos here:



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July 4, 2014 12:08 AM
Bump on this Beauty!
July 7, 2014 10:13 PM
open to offers
July 10, 2014 04:26 AM
Price drop to $1000 net on the campy build $950 on the sun tour build
July 10, 2014 04:35 PM
Thanks, the price seems fair for the build IMO, I'm surprised it hasn't sold

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