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FS: Cinelli Zydeco CX bike

February 10, 2018 03:52 AM
Selling my Cinelli bike that I built up to race but really didn't put it to good enough use to keep it after nationals. It's built up very close to how it is on my profile. Only changes are bigger cassette/ lighter skewers so its 17.3 pounds exactly.
Would also consider selling just frameset or without wheels. Rear rim is showing signs of wear and should probably be rebuilt in the next 1,000 miles.

- Raced bike (some signs of wearing from mud scraping at paint. Steerer tube and seat post are cut , but still has enough height to adjust to 33" inseam

-All parts were new besides frameset + wheelset about 500 miles ago, and tires are set up tubeless with approximately 150 miles on them.
-Hubs have stickers that can be easily removed

Asking $1200, can box and ship to you for actual cost, no trades
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