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FS: FiR headset

November 9, 2017 08:05 PM
Hello guys!
For sale rare steel FiR headset.I don't have any info about this so if you know smth-please write here. Buy it for rossin but understand, that this HS must be(in my opinion) on smth older like 60's cinelli supercorsa or 70's de rosa. However, I don't have de rosa or cinelli)
Unfortunately, my friend polished pantograph and yellow lines, but some yellow fingernail polish and fir stencil can help you. How it looked when the frame was just taken off the track you can see on 1 pic, actually condition on 2, 3 pics
As you can see, the thing is rare, so the price is appropriate:
Price: 150$ + free shipping + NOS fir crank dustcaps
Or we can exchange for some vintage parts
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