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FS: KhVZ (ХВЗ) SPORT 56cm track frameset, 650$

October 17, 2014 09:23 PM
For sale Frame + Fork + Bottom bracket + Headset

Seat Tube (C-T) 56 mm
Top Tube (C-C) 57 mm
Rear Spacing 120 mm
SeatPost: 26.2
BB : KhVZ steel 108mm ISO
Headset : KhVZ Aluminium

Not Drilled for Brakes

KhVZ "Sport" title special order steel lugged track frame was produсed in 1992 by Kharkov Bicycle Factory (KhVZ - ХВЗ in Russian), USSR with Soviet tubes made in Nikipol' town. That time such bicycle was not available for public and made by special order (speczakaz) of professional sportive schools.

Original condition and original paint-job. Frame is still in a good shape, it shows some flaws on paint such chips and a few scratches. Nothing out of the ordinary worth mentioning. No dents, cracks or any other major flaws.
Worldwide shipping 89$
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From: Moscow, Russia
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