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FS: Leader Kagero size L

February 25, 2016 10:22 PM
Midnight blue L leader kagero 400 dollars shipped usa. Slightly used with a few scuffs but no cracks or dents.
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February 26, 2016 07:44 PM
Will throw in FSA headset and easton seatpost
February 27, 2016 05:30 AM
59cm ???
February 27, 2016 06:15 AM
@FixedorDie That's the Center to Top measurement of the seattube. It's actually a 55cm C-C seattube, and a 56cm effective toptube.
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March 1, 2016 12:14 AM
trade for all city thunderdome 55cm
March 1, 2016 06:54 AM
My current build is a thunderdome, what else does anyone want to trade?

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