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FS: Stems, Cinelli, Ambrosio, etc.

September 14, 2017 11:30 PM

Cleaning out some parts that were going to go on various build, but did not. Most are in very good condition unless otherwise noted, a couple are very rare. Feel free to DM me questions; reasonable offers considered; low balling will politely be ignored. Thought I'd post these here before using the electronic bay.

In no particular order:

-NIB Steel Cinelli Pinocchio Stem, 26mm clamp 90mm reach made of Columbus steel tubing- $50 shipped CONUS
-NOS Steel Cinelli-Made Covolo track stem likely from a 1950s production series. Exceedingly rare in similarly rare, excellent condition. 26mm clamp 65mm reach- $200 shipped CONUS
-Very good condition 3TTT Record 84 stem 26/25.8mm clamp 100mm reach, Some scuffs from insertion, but from a foot away looks very fine. This has a nice little set screw to widen the clamp during installation-brilliant! $30 plus shipping
-Used Ambrosio Stem- 26mm clamp 100mm reach. Similar to the Cinelli XA or the 3TTT I've also posted. A little polish will go a long way on this guy. $20
-Used 60's Legnano stamped pedals made by Sheffield- These have lots of wear, but are also very rare. I have not seen these on ebay in...ages. A retrogrouch delight. $150 shipped CONUS

Photos are here

Parts I'm interested in for trade and/or cash transactions: VGC Nitto Tallux or Technomic Deluxe 26mm/90mm- Nitto Rear Rack Medium or Large, Rear Canvas Saddlebag (Acorn, Swift), Nitto Crystal Seatpost 27.2, Paul MotoLite brakes

Located in Huntington Beach, CA if you want to meet for pick up or teach me how to surf.
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