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FS: Trade?NJS Nagasawa Frame forks headset and wheels dura ace tb14 h plus 53cm

March 21, 2016 11:48 AM
Hi all, So unfortunately I have to sell this after riding it three times. I bought it from njs export and build it up. The paint is incredible and I messaged Toshi from NJS export asking if he had a touch up brush as i intended to ride this but also if i scratched it or chipped it i wanted to fill in the paint. However, he said he had not.

Long story short, another NJS (older) Nagasawa came up on the site, and was a better fit for me so I bought this. I now have two and have decided to let the nicer one go.

So this is what it cost me.

Frame forks (rear spacing 110) headset (Super Delux NJS) and bottom bracket (however this is no longer available)
-Postage £84
-Import- £40.55

Wheel build- Rear spacing 110. Build at cycle Ps Battersea London

-Hubs Dura ace HB 7600 NJS stamped - £105
-Rims Silver TB14 - £55 each x2 £110
-Spokes £40 per wheel x2 £80
-Build £35 per wheel x2 £70

Total £1,017.55

Will include Dura ace stamped lockring, new (£8) Inner tubes (£5 each) Panasonic Pacellas 23c (£25 each)


Would sell complete if someone is keen.

Seat tube diameter is 27.2.

There is a ding with chipped paint on the Top tube on the right hand side of the frame (unnoticeable when a tt protector is on it). The decal stickers are also slightly cracking in places. Apart from that it is flawless.

Measurements are 53cm ST 53cm TT CTC

Frame was ridden by 'Yasuo Moriyasu'. His profile is at­membprofile?SNO=014408

My frame does not come with a BB as this was taken out to install the octalink bottom bracket for the shimano olympic crankset

I am after £1000 ono for the frame, forks, headset, seat post pin, wheel set, tyres, tubes, lockring.

I could split. Would be after £650 ONO for the frame set

I would also be open to swaps or part swaps for a ratty NJS frame plus cash. Viewings welcome.

Im also on the look out for higher end frames and can add cash. 3rensho / Cannondale track
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March 21, 2016 05:11 PM
Swap for my M-Idea complete minus cranks?
March 22, 2016 05:19 PM
hey, sorry not really what I'm looking for.

Drop frame forks headset wheels- £900

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