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FS: USSR Track Kevlar Wheeldisks

August 19, 2015 06:44 AM
Selling those beautiful and ultra rare Fluidisks.Both 700cc,including 18mm Tufo tubulars,16t original cog.Rear doesn't have thread for lockring.For track use only.Asking 2600$ with free worldwide shipping.
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August 19, 2015 07:11 AM
Crazy price...
August 20, 2015 08:24 AM
lol what a price.. new set costs 1400$ and used sets are around 1000 or less.. Not super rare either as you can get a set in under a month anytime :D
From: Finland
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August 20, 2015 08:32 AM
New set won't cost you 1400$.One new wheel costs 1200(front) and 1250(for rear one).These are vintage ones,not newly made.And stop shitting in my posts,okay,guys?You can order stuff at price you want.

August 20, 2015 01:28 PM
From: Portland, Oregon
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