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Marketplace Rules - Read Before Posting!

December 11, 2012 05:51 AM
Welcome to the marketplace! To make the marketplace most useful for all, the following rules must be followed.

1. Please do not post any advertising in the marketplace. This place is for individual people to buy and sell bike parts, not for businesses to advertise their products.

2. If you're selling something, your topic title must start with "FS: ", followed by what you're selling, and you [b]must specify a price in your title[/b]. If you want to buy something, your topic title must start with "WTB: ", and again, must include what you want to buy.

3. Only bikes, bike parts, and bike-related items are allowed in the marketplace. Anything else will not be allowed.

4. Once your transaction (or all transactions, in the case of multiple items for sale) is complete, you must click the "Close once Transaction is Completed" button at the bottom of the thread. This will leave the thread intact for use with the buyer/seller reputation system (which is coming very soon).

5. Please do not list items that are not in your possesion, or post items for other people.

6. You must list your location in your profile, and you must specify whether or not you're willing to ship.

Topics that don't follow these rules will be removed, and repeat offenders will be banned. Thank you in advance for your help and cooperation in this matter.

Also, this forum is just for information. Pedal Room and the management team is in no way responsible for anything that is sold or purchased on the marketplace.

Enjoy the marketplace and let me know what can be improved! Cheers!
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