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WTB: A 1" threadless fork that will fit tires at least 30mm wide

October 21, 2018 08:10 PM
Hey all! How are you doing?
I have been on Pedal room for almost ten years, and with the same bike the whole time. I Recently I bought a 30mm MichelinnMud CX tire because 'tis becoming the season for knobbies, but my fork doesn't have clearance for any tires wider than 30mm
I don't have much money as of right now because I was injired a few years back and it hever healed correctly, so thus I am waiting on an SSI approval. sometimes I have a little cash. sometimes I do not.
Basically what I could do for now is trade for my cromoloy Tange Stock Paké fork and maybe a bit o cash if need be. The current fork works pretty well, but Is just a little small for the tire I want to put on.
Frame is a Paké rumrunner.
I would like maybe a steamroller fork or maybe a carbon fork, so long as it has clearance, hut I'm not picky, steel is real too.
Anyways. here are a couple photos of the fork I am trying to get rid of. It has treated me well, So I just need something a bit bigger.

Thanks for your time and.consideraion,


P.S. sorry for sny typos or off punctuation. my touchscreen hates me.
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From: Humboldt County California
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October 22, 2018 03:40 AM
how are you going to fit a 1 1/8 threadless fork in your 1 inch steerer?

99.9% sure your frame is the old rum runner that used a 1 inch headtube, and a 27.0 seatpost
October 22, 2018 07:06 PM
OOPS! My bad, thanks for the heads up! I think every year after 2009 is 1 1/8" if I'm not mistaken.

Fixed it.
From: Humboldt County California
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