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WTB: Complete road bikes?

May 8, 2016 04:38 AM
any complete road bikes out on the market?
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May 8, 2016 05:43 AM
Im sure their are a ton. We need way more information here. Size? Price range? Material? etc
From: Los Angeles
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May 8, 2016 06:13 AM
haha sorry shouldave added a size, look for a 55-56 ideally, still undecided on price range... will consider anything
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May 8, 2016 08:18 AM
I have a Trek 5020 OCLV with Ultegra 6600. Goin for 450, shipped at buyers expense.
From: Cerritos, California
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May 8, 2016 03:26 PM
I have this custom built with 6700, PM me if you want some more details.
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