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WTB: New crankset 144bcd

February 12, 2013 06:02 PM
Hey guys, so I'm looking for a new crankset. I'm really looking for Sugino 75 crank arms , omniums, or Miche . Preferably black. Also if there is a Sugino zen chainring included, that would be great. 48t or higher please. Please let me know what you guys have. I'll consider anything reasonable.
February 12, 2013 11:49 PM
I have a 48T Suntour Ring and 167.5 Suntour arms.
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February 13, 2013 02:04 AM
I just posted a set of Omniums on here for a sale but the right arm needs to be tapped. I brought it to several shops that don't wanna work on it. A Member on Bikeforums said he can do it for $20.00 labor if you ship it to him. He seem's very knowledgable and can knock it out. I have the set up for $80.00 or trade for a set of Shimano Cavendish pro bars. I'm willing to work something out just let me know as I think my buddy is going to give me his old Omniums.
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February 13, 2013 05:16 AM
Thanks for the replies guy. I might be interested in the omniums , but I really prefer black cranksets. I'll think about the deal though. Thanks
February 13, 2013 06:35 AM
Cool, let me know.
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February 13, 2013 08:17 AM
I have silver sugino 75's 167.5 mm W/ Phil Wood bb and Suntour 49t njs chainring for 275
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February 13, 2013 03:58 PM

I can throw the omnium chainring on the 75 cranks if you want, or you could do the complete miche crankset
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