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WTB: WTT: 1" threaded track fork

November 19, 2013 04:40 AM
Looking for a 1" threaded fork, 700c, steel, at least 200mm steerer tube, any color except chrome, pretty tight rake. Looking to give my Bianchi a more classic look. Preferably straight blade but curved is fine, doesn't matter if it's drilled or not. I'll also trade a threadless 1" fork with headset, 120mm stem, track drops (26mm clamp), and spacers (all as seen on the Bianchi in the photo) if you happen to be looking to upgrade your 1" threaded to threadless.

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From: Chicago, IL, United States
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November 22, 2013 07:23 AM
i have a black one inch thread less that would fit perfect
i do realize you're looking for threaded
mines a stock lugged one from a kilo tt
From: Texarkana/Arkadelphia, AR
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