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WTB: Your Beat Track Cranks (Sugino, Sram, etc)

February 23, 2020 12:52 PM
Looking for a set of cranks to put on a bike build for a window display. The rest of the build is one of our old mess frames so everything is pretty beat. Cranks don't need to be ridable so if you've got some trashed Sugino's or something, we'll take em. Let me know what you've got
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February 24, 2020 06:25 PM
Would you consider Sugino Messenger? Not top end like SG75, but could fit your build.

Black 170mm arms, black 42T ring, paired with matching English threaded BB. Actually in pretty nice condition.

Could ship them USPS Priority for $48 total.

Oh, also, I have an alloy FSA track crankset with the solid piece carbon spider. A bit more unique looking, but harder for me to sell since the length is 172.5mm. Good for a window, hah! Will include matching ISIS BSA BB. Looks like the photo below, but an Omnium 48T chainring. Would do $80 shipped for these.

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