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February 20, 2013 08:35 PM in General Discussion

Might feel the difference between a slammed wheel and right at the end of the drop outs if you ride right after changing, but from changing from a 17t to a 18t, you wont notice,...

Slam Wheel or not
February 20, 2013 02:41 AM in General Discussion

Tight chain = more friction? Hate 'track slack' riding on the streets, i need my chain fairly tight, other wise my track stands are all over the place and i feel it loads whe...

Track slack?
February 20, 2013 02:29 AM in General Discussion

Should at least be able to have the difference of 2 teeth on the rear cogs, 3 teeth with the right set up, depends if you use your bike for 2 different styles of riding, like co...

Fixed/Fixed rear hub
February 20, 2013 02:05 AM in General Discussion

48:18 wouldn't give you many skid patches, only 3, compared to 48:17 which is 17 skid patches, but it would make it a bit easier to skid with.

Slam Wheel or not