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July 25, 2012 05:37 AM in General Discussion

That's right! I figured that one out quick. Any cog and Campy spec lockring, you're good!

Miche Pistard?
July 24, 2012 06:41 PM in General Discussion

I'm still fairly new to the cycling world, but the "buy and try" method is no joke. Especially if you don't have people to lend you bars. I think a lot of people buy pista drops...

favourite handlebars
July 24, 2012 04:15 PM in General Discussion

I'm not going to get too technical because I'll probably get schooled lol, but I love my Kagero and recommend it. It's really going to be a matter of personal preference, but I ...

Leader Kagero OR Cinelli Bolt OR Cervelo T1
July 24, 2012 03:59 PM in General Discussion

I know I already gave you some information on the wheelset....Like I was saying before, you can use any cog (I've used Dura Ace and EAI on this wheelset), but I was having troub...

Miche Pistard?
June 15, 2012 09:50 PM in General Discussion

If you're throwing Omnium's into the equation, you should get them over any of the others you listed. I picked my Omnium's up for 179 brand new w/ bb. If they aren't an option, ...

Sugino Messenger's
June 6, 2012 06:22 PM in General Discussion

Damn, that geo is crazy!

crazy rare Cervelo ebay bike "T4"
June 4, 2012 05:24 AM in General Discussion

How worn are your cleats? If your cleats are old and worn, that could be the issue.