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October 29, 2015 03:26 AM in General Discussion

King or die. Definitely not bias

thunderdome headset
October 25, 2015 01:12 AM in Marketplace

Lol I thought this thread was new. "Didn't he sell that over a year ago?"

FS: 55cm Gang Green Bianchi Pista
October 24, 2015 05:53 AM in Marketplace


WTB: state/killo tt/ budget bike
October 19, 2015 06:29 AM in General Discussion

This super legit looking store has them in stock! http://notionworld-pro.com/product.php?id_product=428&id_lang=1

Suzue Pro Max Carbon Fiber hubs
October 16, 2015 06:23 AM in General Discussion

Man you're really stepping up your wheel game lately

Suzue Pro Max Carbon Fiber hubs
September 29, 2015 04:28 AM in General Discussion

An Olympic Zen is in order IMO

Help me with pricing a Bianchi Pista Concept
September 29, 2015 04:25 AM in General Discussion

So a superstar isn't smoother than a deluxe just lasts longer?

Best track cog?
September 29, 2015 04:24 AM in Marketplace

Let me know if you have any extra suntour crank caps.

September 28, 2015 05:13 AM in General Discussion

I'm curious how much of a step up a superstar or gold medal is from a regular deluxe.

Best track cog?
September 28, 2015 05:09 AM in General Discussion

... by putting them on my bike.

Suntour Superbe Pro Track Hubs
September 21, 2015 12:46 AM in Marketplace

It'd be great if we lived in a word where we could just take your word for it, but I think you're going to have to take the freewheel off and get some more pictures.

FS: Shamal Track Rear
September 7, 2015 06:18 PM in Marketplace


FS: 56cm Medici Pro Pista $500 complete
August 28, 2015 11:09 PM in Marketplace

Super Long shot, but what the heck. Would prefer silver, but I don't really care either way. [url=/f/81e0f2ec7d_1.jpg][img]/f/81e0f2ec7d_1s.jpg[/img][/url]

WTB: Knurled Headset Spacers
August 18, 2015 06:57 AM in Marketplace

Love these bikes so much. Glws

August 17, 2015 09:02 PM in Marketplace

Medici Pro Pista "El Dorado". Both top tube and seat tube measure 56cm. More pictures on my profile. Now with price. $500+shipping as pictured, $350+shipping without the whee...

FS: 56cm Medici Pro Pista $500 complete
August 14, 2015 06:57 AM in Marketplace

Would you trade for a 56cm Medici pro pista? it fits pretty large I can almost ride it.

FS: or TRADE Debernardi track frame 61cm
August 5, 2015 04:17 AM in General Discussion

Depends on the sandwich, but I'm a fan of Russian Rye.

best ratio
August 3, 2015 09:02 PM in General Discussion

Looks good to me. Especially with the black seatpost.

Cinelli Alter or Not?
June 10, 2015 05:07 AM in Marketplace

It's a 61

FS: Debernardi track frame 61cm