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September 8, 2014 08:53 PM in Marketplace

Title says it all, looking to upgrade from my skylmt to one of the hold fast frames. Missed my opportunity for one on craigslist, shame. Let me know if you've got one you're loo...

WTB: Hold Fast Subverter or Converter (possibly bb17 serpent)
November 22, 2013 10:59 PM in Marketplace

paintjob is lovely

FS: Bianchi Pista Track Bike 1991 (56cm) $700
November 22, 2013 10:56 PM in Marketplace

ya this is a treasure

FS: Colnago Master Piu Track lo-pro/pursuit
August 18, 2013 03:27 PM in Marketplace

The moment i find one in 53cm...

FS: '94 Cannondale Track 55cm, Green
August 13, 2013 09:24 PM in Marketplace

If only this was smaller

FS: gan well pro evasion
July 30, 2013 03:57 PM in General Discussion

51 x 16

Favorite Ratio?
July 18, 2013 06:26 PM in Marketplace

Youll never be able to get that much for this as a heads up. You're most likely going to get $400 tops

FS: 2010 matte black super pista
July 18, 2013 06:25 PM in General Discussion

This thread is comical. Im surprised no ones bothered to lock it

Fixie High End War: State Undefeated Vs. Cinelli Histogram
July 12, 2013 06:08 AM in Marketplace

I almost wish the car that almost hit me today running a stop sign did so I could afford this bike. A little morbid... but thats reality

FS: Kiyo Miyazawa NJS 54.5cm - PART OUT!
July 11, 2013 03:49 PM in Marketplace

Ya someone better buy this. If only I was taller

FS: Kiyo Miyazawa NJS 54.5cm - PART OUT!
July 11, 2013 03:46 PM in Marketplace

Ugh if only I had money to spare! This would complete my makino build goodluck on this

FS: NOS Kashimax RS Pearl white with 44mm Chrome Rails
July 10, 2013 04:25 PM in General Discussion

Regardless of the stamp since I bet you're not going to be doing a lot of japanese keirin racing, the frames ride extremely well if you like steel. I personally love standard ja...

NJS Frames
July 10, 2013 02:54 AM in General Discussion

No need to get that nice of wheels for a leader. Good parts wont make a crappy frame ride well, and a good frame wont ride well with crappy parts. It works best just setting ...

What's a good brand for a trispoke
July 10, 2013 02:09 AM in General Discussion

Theres a cheap one on craigslist in wherever in the world Daly City is. http://sfbay.craigslist.org/pen/bik/3895380125.html

Cannondale CAAD5 Track Question:
July 10, 2013 01:48 AM in Marketplace

Dude makes the nicest frames with the shittiest decals aha. But ya for $320 someone better buy this thing

FS: Don Walker Track Frame
July 10, 2013 01:39 AM in General Discussion

I don't know why this site doesn't have a thread for this already. I guess this thread "technically" breaks the marketplace forum so I'm putting this here. Anyways if you hav...

Ebay Gems Thread
July 6, 2013 04:28 PM in General Discussion

About 120 miles on good ol' hilly pch in california. Slept for like 14 hours after that

Longest ride you ever done before?
July 6, 2013 03:39 AM in Marketplace

^ set one up... It's literally the simplest thing ever. And thank me later, almost everything runs on paypal now a days. I feel like we'll shortly have to paypal for our meals a...

FS: Cinelli MASH 2009 frameset 50cm for sale.
July 6, 2013 03:38 AM in Marketplace

Goodluck on this! steal for whoever buys this. Great price for a good set up

FS: Kiyo Miyazawa NJS 54.5cm - PART OUT!
July 2, 2013 03:28 PM in General Discussion

san marco Zoncolan. Ive been through a lot of saddles throughout my life and im currently loving my zoncolan

A new saddle
June 24, 2013 10:11 PM in General Discussion

Learn how to true your own wheels! Will save you so much money in the long run. Its really easy if youve got some time to spare too.

velomine customer service?
June 24, 2013 01:30 PM in General Discussion

^ hows it seem in person?

Cinelli MASH Chas prototype
June 24, 2013 01:30 PM in General Discussion

Anyone know what DT spokes he uses for the builds? The prices are unreal

velomine customer service?
June 20, 2013 10:40 PM in General Discussion

^ I wouldn't mind that either. I think we should start a "custom bikes thread" it seems like theres no sticky threads at all on this forum

BMC Track Machine Opinions
June 20, 2013 04:43 PM in General Discussion

^Thanks for the recommendation. They sure do look nice, I just personally cannot stand pursuit geometry. And ya good point aha, you'd expect more of them to be for sale if ev...

BMC Track Machine Opinions