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July 6, 2016 02:01 AM in Marketplace


FS: 54cm Dolan Seta
June 30, 2016 06:19 PM in Marketplace

I'd do $750 on the frameset (frame, fork and headset) plus shipping.

FS: 54cm Dolan Seta
June 29, 2016 05:47 PM in Marketplace


FS: 54cm Dolan Seta
June 26, 2016 04:11 AM in Marketplace

@twieleba I messaged you back @papculturenyc, I'd take $550 for the wheels plus shipping, and call it 180 on the crank/bb without the chainring.

FS: 54cm Dolan Seta
June 23, 2016 11:41 PM in Marketplace

I'd rather keep the frame and fork together as a frameset. I'm in Tucson, Arizona, USA. You can buy them straight from Dolan for like 160 bucks too. http://www.dolan-bi...

FS: 54cm Dolan Seta
June 21, 2016 05:30 AM in Marketplace

NOTES: These frames have been discontinued, both the chainring and hubs are custom and made to order. The hubs are a custom color. Frame: Dolan Seta 54cm Fork/Headset: Alp...

FS: 54cm Dolan Seta
April 2, 2013 06:38 PM in Marketplace

Ended up buying a 54cm frame. Seems to be the right size. Closing this thread down. [url=/f/345c80e216_1.jpg][img]/f/345c80e216_1s.jpg[/img][/url]

WTB: 52cm Dolan Seta
March 4, 2013 11:46 PM in Marketplace

Thanks man, I just found out that they've discontinued them. No word on whether they're going to start production of a similar sort of frame either.

WTB: 52cm Dolan Seta
March 4, 2013 04:42 PM in Marketplace

If anyone has a new 52cm Dolan Seta Frameset, preferably with the black on black graphics let me know and we can talk prices. If you've got it in another color I may still be in...

WTB: 52cm Dolan Seta