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May 5, 2012 05:24 AM in General Discussion

700x28 tires are better all around for street use in general, not just skidding. Since there is a larger contact area with the ground with 700x28 tires, it will slow you down a ...

any recommended size tire for skidding? 700x23 or 700x28 for rear
April 25, 2012 04:57 AM in General Discussion

For rims, have you considered Kinlin XR200s? They aren't box section rims (more comparable to Mavic CXP22s) but their listed weight is about 390 grams. I'm currently planning on...

Lightweight Hubs
March 16, 2012 11:13 PM in General Discussion

My favorite track bike related tumblr I follow would definitely be [url]http://fixthecity.es[/url]

November 5, 2011 01:10 AM in General Discussion

Loved my old b125s, but currently using road drops. I also like chopped down risers (still stuck in 2008)

October 10, 2011 01:37 AM in General Discussion

I ran 50x17 over the summer, but recently geared down to 50x18 or 19 for the upcoming windy/cold weather, and to practice spinning at a higher cadence.

about your ratio gear