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May 21, 2015 12:45 AM in General Discussion

My work bought me a bike, and I was allowed to go to the shop to pick one out. When I got there I asked the mechanic what kind of bike he rode and he pointed to a bike with no g...

What made you into fixed gear bikes?
May 8, 2015 07:28 PM in General Discussion

What days exactly? I'm down, but may be going out of town that weekend. PM me.

SF people
May 8, 2015 07:27 PM in General Discussion

£250 is a small amount of money to spend on a bike. I recommend finding a used bike that's already built. Be sure it has a front brake and foot retention (straps and toeclips). ...

First fixie advise
May 4, 2015 02:41 AM in General Discussion

1. Nagasawa NJS build (black or white with rainbow flake) 2. Pelizzoli Leggenda FOR3 3. Raleigh Macaframa (black)

If you could have any 3 bikes...
April 30, 2015 05:16 PM in General Discussion

Really good read on importance of crank length with some data on power transfer: https://www.powercranks.com/cld.html A study demonstrated 145mm cranks had the best power tra...

170mm cranks aren't more powerful than 165mm
April 27, 2015 04:40 PM in General Discussion


Orange juice or apple juice?
April 23, 2015 12:56 AM in General Discussion

LoL too much... Just use a security bolt for your topcap. With 3d printing you can make your own bolt and tool as well.

Alright, I tried the bb and super glue idea...
April 10, 2015 07:14 PM in General Discussion

Older lugged steel frames made by Italians that you can't lookup on the Internet. Duh.

Cool frames?
March 8, 2015 05:51 PM in Marketplace

I think you mean $300...

FS: Ingria Airpusher 53 white
March 5, 2015 09:11 PM in General Discussion

Yes... triangular tubes ya n00bs: http://www.pedalroom.com/bike/pelizzoli-leggenda-for3-17579#photo135541 :p

The ______ vs. _______ Thread
March 4, 2015 09:35 PM in General Discussion

Fat downtube (like a Low) vs triangle tubes on aluminum frames ?

The ______ vs. _______ Thread
March 4, 2015 04:56 AM in General Discussion

Hellenic vs Wishbone seat stays?

The ______ vs. _______ Thread
March 3, 2015 07:05 PM in Marketplace

Title says it all. Looking for BB17 Karma 53cm black/purple. Ready to purchase.

WTB: BB17 Karma 53cm medium black
February 20, 2015 08:08 PM in General Discussion

Riding a trispoke isn't any more hipster than riding a track bike around the city to work like most of you! I mean really. I bet some of you even own a banana board!

My friend is a hipster hipster
January 7, 2015 10:42 PM in Marketplace

I'm willing to buy it for $250. Only frame I have I'm not really interested in trading.

FS: FT: Affinity Lo Pro Small for trade!!!!