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November 20, 2016 03:28 AM in Marketplace

You should consolidate your posts

FS: Track disc Campagnolo Ghibli 650C
November 16, 2016 02:14 AM in Marketplace

Sold !

FS: Nabiis Alchemy pursuit frameset (54cm)
October 27, 2016 07:43 PM in Marketplace

Steel is real, I guess! 54 cm frameset in great condition. Has a few very very minor knicks in the clear coat from locking up, but nothing I would consider as damage. Gun met...

FS: Nabiis Alchemy pursuit frameset (54cm)
September 14, 2016 06:45 AM in Marketplace

@zeegs If you're not in a rush to receive it, I wouldn't mind facilitating. I live in LA...but just throwing it out there.

FS: Superb Sprint Track Frame Size M - $375 (Like new)
August 30, 2016 09:27 PM in Marketplace


FS: cannondale track
August 17, 2016 09:35 AM in Marketplace

How much for those omegas shipped ? And how much without the wrap ?

FS: Bike Parts Sale
August 11, 2016 08:22 PM in Marketplace

They sell this cap on their own website for $23 ...

FS: Factory 5 cap
July 7, 2016 12:18 AM in Marketplace

long shot, but I have a crankset that has a sugino grand mighty driveside crank and a sugino 75 non-driveside crank. lol comes with a 75 bb

WTB: 165mm Sugino 75
July 5, 2016 01:10 AM in Marketplace


FS: Cannondale Track
May 14, 2016 08:58 AM in Marketplace

Need a price, Dave from Missouri

FS: 1988 Raliegh Technium Tri-Lite
May 14, 2016 08:56 AM in Marketplace

I think I may have a 120 stem to trade with ya

FS: Thomson Elite x2 100mm 10°
May 14, 2016 12:14 AM in Marketplace

whats your asking price?

FS: Bianchi Super Pista 2014 53cm (frameset)
May 5, 2016 02:57 AM in Marketplace ?

FS: KHS Aero 52cm
April 30, 2016 07:23 PM in Marketplace

Just post prices for everything

FS: Campagnolo Headset, Campagnolo Crank, Fork, SPD shoes, and other
April 18, 2016 11:16 AM in Marketplace

Cool...selling for $350 on fleabay vs $550 here

FS: G.O.A.T Goat Track Bike Frame 52cm $550
March 30, 2016 12:26 AM in Marketplace

What's the tt length?

FS: G.O.A.T Goat Track Bike Frame 52cm $550
March 16, 2016 01:05 AM in Marketplace

Need to post a price, bud

FS: Allez E5 Comp Race Frameset (52cm)
February 19, 2016 09:14 PM in Marketplace

Another example why you should NEVER buy anything from anyone without using PayPal. Especially if they have only a couple of posts and no bikes posted. I'm sorry, but please...

FS: SOLD (Pending Payment) Thanks Pedalroom
February 17, 2016 10:08 PM in Marketplace

@mitcher- He added what it comes with. Just as an fyi, none of the nature boys come with a 51cm ett, not even the one in size 46cm. 49cm comes with a 53cm ett. In ca...

FS: All City Nature Boy 49cm SSCX frame set with Rotor Cranks & TRP brakes, SRAM
February 17, 2016 08:07 AM in Marketplace

There's one on eBay right now

WTB: 1" Time Carbon Fork
February 10, 2016 06:04 PM in Marketplace

^ lol really? Makes his account today under "sourapplechrisking" ?!! Lmao

February 10, 2016 08:42 AM in Marketplace

Hope you paid with PayPal...

FS: SOLD (Pending Payment) Thanks Pedalroom
February 8, 2016 08:44 PM in Marketplace

Better off looking on your local Craigslist. I don't think it's worth to get a cheap mtb shipped

WTB: Your large 26" steel MTB or frame
February 4, 2016 07:37 AM in Marketplace

Much funny! Would read again.

FS: Cinelli Mash Histogram/ TRADES welcome.
February 2, 2016 10:23 PM in Marketplace

A specialized with no specialized on it? Edit: oh hey! There it is! Lol

FS: Specialized Mountain Bike(M size)