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February 11, 2019 04:34 PM in Marketplace

Came as part of a deal but I need English threads. However, I need the money more right now so I'll do $70+shipping.

FS: campy record pista bottom bracket italian
February 2, 2019 03:44 AM in Marketplace

Plain and simple. $65 a piece. $120 for both. You cover shipping. Photos are of both sides of both and the one noteworthy scratch. Might make it difficult to run brakes on that ...

FS: open pro 28 holes black
November 21, 2018 12:32 PM in Marketplace

Do you have any kind of paperwork for the 24k gold plating?

FS: Cinelli Super Pista '08 (Gold Plated 24k)
November 14, 2018 01:48 AM in Marketplace


WTB: Brooklyn Gangster size L
November 12, 2018 06:40 AM in Marketplace

If only it were a tad bigger..

WTB: WTT track frameset for track wheelset
October 28, 2018 03:49 AM in Marketplace


WTB: Phil Wood crankset
October 12, 2018 06:07 AM in General Discussion

Divide the number of spokes by 9, it'll give you something with a decimal but the whole number without rounding up or down is how many times the spokes should cross. I have no i...

Spoke Selection
October 11, 2018 06:36 PM in Marketplace


WTB: driveside sugino 75 direct drive
September 27, 2018 02:00 AM in Marketplace

Will you take my left nut? I need this real bad.

FS: Wound-Up 1" Threaded Carbon Fork
September 21, 2018 04:09 AM in Marketplace

The ellipses are almost too good to pass up.

FS: Parts dump!
September 17, 2018 04:18 PM in Marketplace

ill take em. messaged ya.

FS: American Classic 420 Track Hubs - Pair
September 11, 2018 04:57 PM in Marketplace

I know you can sometimes get either side of the standard, square taper version on eBay or some small internet stores. Does anyone know if there's anywhere that I can get just th...

WTB: driveside sugino 75 direct drive
September 6, 2018 03:13 PM in Marketplace


FS: OR FT: tapered forks Columbus pista leggera $200
August 17, 2018 02:48 PM in General Discussion


best steel track frames
August 17, 2018 02:47 PM in General Discussion

Can I ask what the practical application is? Like what will this be used for? And how many spokes will these wheels have?

4 Cross spoke pattern
August 16, 2018 06:42 AM in Marketplace

I have a mighty need for that wound up combo. Or at least the seatpost.

FS: gtb 52 1400
July 24, 2018 02:01 PM in Marketplace

Hit up https://www.pedalroom.com/members/rezpe for a good deal, if he still has it.

WTB: WTT 1in threaded or threadless wound up fork
July 8, 2018 02:44 PM in Marketplace

Cinellis always look so much better with different paint.

FS: Medium Cinelli Mash Parallax Cyanotype complete
July 3, 2018 08:38 PM in Marketplace

Check your inbox.

FS: OR FT: tapered forks Columbus pista leggera $200
July 3, 2018 02:48 PM in Marketplace

Basically some brand new Columbus pista leggera forks for cheap or trade. Hit me up. $200

FS: OR FT: tapered forks Columbus pista leggera $200
July 2, 2018 03:47 PM in Marketplace

I have some 28 hole open pros, if you wanna dm me.

WTB: 28H 700c MAVIC/French made Clincher rims
June 21, 2018 07:57 PM in Marketplace

ok. well, it's $275 on ebay. here's the link: http://r.ebay.com/HW7Psj not really sure how custom paint is a selling point unless you have a bike that somehow matches. but plen...

FS: Easton EC90 SL Straight-Blade Road Fork 1" Steerer
June 21, 2018 03:35 PM in Marketplace

The market for 1" threadless forks is rare, I'll agree with that. But these aren't entirely that hard to find being that they're one of very few available on that market. They'r...

FS: Easton EC90 SL Straight-Blade Road Fork 1" Steerer
June 4, 2018 11:10 PM in Marketplace

I need it!! I'm just so broke.=*(

FS: Gold EAI 16t $70
March 9, 2018 11:49 AM in Marketplace

Lol. Might you? Cause you've said that before and it didn't seem to actually be the case.

WTB: No22 little wing