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December 22, 2019 10:04 PM in Marketplace

what about some pocket lint, 84 cents, and one of those caramel apple pops from ike's? (fr though, bump, GLWS)

FS: NJS Bridgestone $650
August 8, 2018 06:02 PM in Marketplace

gonna be rad seeing another bridgestone mtb hit the streets. good luck with the sale and with the build!

FS: All City Gorilla Monsoon 55cm $1600 shipped!
August 6, 2018 02:07 AM in Marketplace


WTB: red or white brooks c17 saddle
July 25, 2018 06:33 PM in Marketplace

hit up this dude that's been trying to sell this damn seatpost for as long as i've been trawling the craigslist bike parts page

WTB: Titanium seatpost 27.2
July 24, 2018 04:55 PM in Marketplace

looking for a wider saddle for the bridgestone and these are my top picks. prefer the red one, but whatever gets here first will do fine. also willing to trade parts, probabl...

WTB: red or white brooks c17 saddle