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July 31, 2019 01:10 PM in Marketplace

whats the bag?

FS: Track parts for sale or trade
August 4, 2018 05:40 AM in Marketplace

Looking for a good quality front rack for my beater/grocery runner. Cetma or VO or soma porteur/demi porteur or something decent you maybe dont need anymore? Skewer mount is fin...

WTB: Front rack
November 6, 2017 06:03 AM in Marketplace


FS: Vintage Presto Amsterdam track frameset
October 29, 2017 02:20 AM in Marketplace

Selling my prized 70s pista to help fund a travel bike. The frame has a super short wheelbase, very snappy and quick; sized 55.5x53.5. English thread bb shell. Long point lugs. ...

FS: Vintage Presto Amsterdam track frameset
July 30, 2017 03:06 AM in Marketplace


FS: Two framesets - Road & Track
June 7, 2017 03:10 PM in Marketplace


FS: Kish downhill Ti 26er
June 5, 2017 05:16 AM in Marketplace


FS: Kish downhill Ti 26er
June 4, 2017 04:16 AM in Marketplace

Great condition titanium downhill/26er, very fun bike. Medium size, ~16 inch can take cantis or disks. Technically routed for mechanical disks but i used hydraulics with a p...

FS: Kish downhill Ti 26er
May 3, 2017 01:11 PM in Marketplace

Pref black or gunmetal. Got one?

WTB: Deda 35 stem 100mm
April 23, 2017 02:41 AM in Marketplace

you got jokes? lol

FS: Campagnolo C Record Headset NOS
March 20, 2017 04:49 AM in Marketplace


FS: Two framesets - Road & Track
March 14, 2017 07:35 AM in Marketplace

Looking to sell some frame sets. Prices set to include US shipping and pp fees: Presto Amsterdam Pista 55.5 st X 53.5cm tt; [probly reynolds; green sparkle powdercoat] +cam...

FS: Two framesets - Road & Track
February 1, 2017 09:59 PM in Marketplace


FS: Trek Sawyer 29er
January 24, 2017 09:31 PM in Marketplace

updated to include shipping; wheelset sold seperately (too costly to bundle and ship both) but will combine for better price.

FS: Trek Sawyer 29er
January 22, 2017 05:46 PM in Marketplace

Selling my sweet Sawyer frameset. Excellent condition. Size is equivalent to a medium.. 18" ST c-t, 23" TT c-c. Comes with the carbon Black Ops fork AND original fork, FSA he...

FS: Trek Sawyer 29er
October 30, 2016 05:36 PM in Marketplace


FS: Parts Massive list
October 20, 2016 09:54 PM in Marketplace


FS: Parts Massive list
October 17, 2016 02:08 AM in Marketplace


FS: Parts Massive list
October 9, 2016 02:48 PM in Marketplace

Some vintage components for sale. Most are in excellent condition. Add a few bucks for shipping (includes paypal fees). Grab multiples and combined shipping will be even cheaper...

FS: Parts Massive list
September 28, 2016 12:25 PM in Marketplace

is this for the set or just the rear?

FS: Mavic Open Pro | Dura ace 700c Rear Wheel // Grey
February 24, 2016 05:39 AM in Marketplace

PM me if you have one used. thanks!

WTB: Suntour SP12 Suspension seatpost 27.2
July 6, 2015 04:02 PM in Marketplace

All black. 150 (PayPal and post included)[img]/f/e19e09181c_2.jpg[/img][url=/f/e19e09181c_1.jpg][img]/f/e19e09181c_1s.jpg[/img][/url]

FS: Brooks cambium c15
April 14, 2015 02:57 PM in Marketplace

Need a good price on a used ladies cambium for my little sister. Not trying to spend a lot so condition is no object. Thanks.

WTB: brooks cambium 's'a
March 24, 2015 10:03 PM in Marketplace


FS: Faggin 54cm frameset
March 21, 2015 05:03 PM in Marketplace

Bike has been taken apart. Frame fork bag of tt clips, and campy sr headset ~$350. Plus i have stems, handlebars, dt shifters galore if needed.. [img]/f/1125ebce69_1.jpg[/img]

FS: Faggin 54cm frameset