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Coomer: It's been a while, good to talk to you! How's the road bike?

Faz: Hey Coomer, yeah same here.. Kinda miss you. Haha. Great! Just started riding a roadbike and Im still trying to get use to a new kind of riding. Riding a roadbike is more technical than I ever expected.

Coomer: Sounds like this build has been a long time in the making, what sort of rides do you plan to do with it? Any races?

Faz: Yes it took me more than a year to get my hand on this bike. With some saving here and there, sold some of my old components blablabla.. Im glad the wait is finally over.. Im thinking of taking part in a Pro race (Category 2) somewhere around next year. So I guess I need to train myself from now on.


Coomer: How much do you ride road vs. fixed?

Faz: Since I just started riding roadbike, I spent more time riding my track bike. But nothing much because Im currently busy organizing KLIFGT (Kuala Lumpur International Fixed Gear Championship). But I will definitely try to make it balance for riding fixed and road in future.

Coomer: How do they compare for various riding for you?

Faz: Well, I don't really have to push my knee as hard as I'm on my track bike. It's easier for me to climb by shifting to a lighter gear and run a heavier gear for a flat route which I can go faster. All and all I can train myself to be a better cyclist.

Coomer: How's the bike scene in Kuala Lumpur these days?

Faz: Im more than happy to say it's growing at the moment. Some old timer has quit from riding track bike but there's always a fresh legs as replacement. More kids riding track bike on the street. But some of them are riding without any pedal cage, light and helmet. Especially at night. They need to take some safety precaution seriously.


Coomer: I understand you went to Fixed Fest - looked awesome. Tell me more about events over that way.

Faz: Man, I can't describe how great was the event. It was my second time I went to Jakarta Fixed Fest. It's great to have such an annual event where people coming from all over the place. People from KL, Jakarta, Singapore, Australia and USA has created such a great relationship with each others. Its a family kinda thing. Thats what I love the most about Fixed Fest.

Coomer: Excited for upcoming races/events/projects?

Faz: Oh yes! We're organizing the 2nd KLIFGT this 15-16th September. With some serious race category Im sure we'll see a few young blood with a great talent and future. That's one of the main point of the event. Checkout for more info. On the other hand, Im trying to get my Visa so I can get myself to USA for Interbike a week after KLIFGT. I hope I will get it without any problem. Finger cross.

Coomer: Any last words?

Faz: Stop wasting your time reading this bullshit. Go out and ride your bike!


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