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and what, praytell, is your role here. You're the village scold are you. The harpy, the harridan. Lighten up Iron Man, I'm just having a little fun. And you don't even listen to the podcast it would seem. Novice! Catch up on your homework would you, do the required reading, before you start with the snark okay!

And besides, our house doesn't even have a basement, I live on the top floor, okay?! I have the whole second story myself since my younger brother moved in with his girlfriend and her mom last year. Plus my younger sister only comes home a few times a month nowadays now that she's got an awesome pad overlooking Stanley Park and the North Shore of Vancouver, and she's made lots of friends at work.

So I have plenty of space for myself now, it's quite comfortable! So I will sue you for libel, sir or madam! I emphatically do not live in a basement, I see plenty of sunshine, and I pay no rent, no utilities, enjoy cable tv and high speed internet and a gas fireplace and nice decor, all provided courtesy of the house. Go out for terrific meals with the parents regularly, get along with them great. Have about $1300 coming in per month since getting official autism diagnosis with the provincial government, a portion of which goes to long-term registered disability tax-free savings. So you put $1000 in, the federal government adds $3500. Pretty good setup, nothing like you are thinking of. Basement dweller indeed, pfft! eat my shorts! where do you live anyway, that you have such a superior smug attitude?

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