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The Introduction
This section of the paper is known as the introductory part. This part of the article introduces the overall structure of the entire article. Its primary purpose is to tell the reader what the whole article is all about. Thus, it should be structured in a way that makes sense to the reader.

In this section, the writer shows how the introduction of the article is relevant to the thesis statement. In other words, the paper attempts to achieve its objectives. Therefore, it should be informative and exciting to meet the readers’ intent.

While the introduction may seem outdated in, the original meaningremains a crucial aspect of academic writing. The following are some of the elements you must avoid in your Chicago style essay.

Writing the Conclusion
This section of the article sums up what the introduction and the rest of the body were about. By the time you are done with the hook, you have shown how the point made him stand on the subject. The next step involves providing a recap of the major points covered in the exposition.

You must remind the reader of the significance of the essay and then give a short explanation of why you agree with the standpoint. Therefore, the last part of the presentation must leave the reader with a clear understanding of what the key points are all about.

Formatting the Paper
After completing the outline, you need to compose the final piece. Here you start by writing the title of the article. After that, format the document by adding the guidelines given by your instructor. It would help if you had not forgotten the structure of the article when drafting it.

For the abstract, you use the summarizing approach. For a longer essay, you might use an overview strategy. Consider the instructions provided by your professor. Also, it is best to stick to the desired length of the essay without adding any fluff or unnecessary texts.

The body is the most extensive part of the article. It is divided into sections and subsections. The number of paragraphs depends on the word count of the article. However, it is advisable to ensure that each section is drafted equally throughout the text.

Sticking with the previous arrangement is the second part of the body. After finishing off the initial paragraph, you move to the central area and summarize the main arguments in the section. Each section in the body plays a critical role in bringing out the argument of the said essay. So, always try to do a job that will make the logic flow while connecting ideas.

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