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Location: Aylesbury
2 bikes

I'm a lifelong cylist on the wrong side of 40. Cycling is my favourite way of getting around. I am a CTC and Aylesbury Cycling Capaign member. I've done lots of touring and day rides, les these days due to family and work commitments.

I ride nearly every day and clock up lots of miles. I love wizzing around on a bicycle. I have three; a Bob Jackson tourer I built in 1986, very retro now and in reat shape. I have ridden Moultons since 1988 and never looked back. I love the full suspension, small wheel handling and step though frames. My current Moulton is a TSR27, flat bared tourer come do it all bike. My most used bike i my Brompton folder. Upgraded to full suspension with lights and carriers. I's as efficient and comfrotable as a Moulton and can be used anywhere.

I commute on bicycles, go places and ride for pleasure.